Welcome to "United They Stood; Depraved They Fell"!

This homebrew campaign came about as my D&D group discussed ideas for our next game. Someone suggested each player create two versions of the same character: a level 1 good character, and that same person years later at level 20, but evil. A journey of fallen heroes was a new approach for us, and we got excited about it. When we discussed possible settings or themes, the idea of a Revolutionary War campaign hit like a natural 20. The adventures recorded here are the results.

Since we would be breaking new ground in many ways, we established Campaign Assumptions & Guidelines to focus our scope and flesh out this "new world."

For some general notes about my campaigns, refer to this blog (about halfway down the page).

Special thanks to all the players! They are listed below, with their character’s name in parentheses:

Leo (Hanzo, Jules)
Nick (Filkeps'isled)
Danny (Jack McDonough)
Jeremy (Drake)
Sandy (Zobity)
Spencer (Clement)
Tyler (Oliver, Wolfgang von Jager)
Joe (Chip)

—Yarjerit (DM)

United They Stood; Depraved They Fell

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