United They Stood; Depraved They Fell


Every so often, a session might begin with a flash-forward encounter in which the player characters are at the peak of their power and evil nature, at level 20. These level 20 encounters are simply for fun as the more consistent players wait for other players to show up. Though set in the future (about 1812), these encounters may or may not reflect the exact future of the rest of the campaign. In future posts, these encounters may simply be included in italics at the beginning of a chapter.

It is the year 1812, and our "heroes" have long succumbed to their depraved, evil natures. Though they were each instrumental in the War of Independence and the foundation of the United States of America, they have now become enemies of freedom and preverters of justice. As another war with the Old World seemed imminent, and fearing that his former constitutional colleagues would soon turn against America once again, President James Maedison cordially invited these four anti-heroes (Jack McDonough, Hanzo, Clement, and Oliver) to his residence in Wodgington D.C., to settle their differences like gentlemen.

The time and place was set, and honored, by our four players, and they met President Maedison, as well as former president Thomas Geofferson, at the front lawn of the White House. Maedison and Geofferson accused the four gentlemen of their murderous and traitorous actions against America, and the meeting soon came to blows, as was expected.

However, Maedison and Geofferson had a few tricks up their sleeves. First, they summoned the spirit of America, which was embodied in a slim, older man with surprising strength: Uncle Sam. The apparition of freedom spoke:

"Now, before we become engaged in our little debate, I have one question to pose to you gentlemen: Who's your Uncle? I'll receive your answers after we finish defeating you all in the name of liberty and justice."

The battle commenced, and it was hard fought. Early on, Geofferson was killed, and Uncle Sam was becoming very weak. Then, a barrage of cannon balls fell on the four adversaries. Maedison explained that "since [they] dare fight against the U.S. Constitution, the USS Constitution ["Old Ironsides"] is fighting back." The cannon balls were annoying, but not devastating, to the players.

Then came the finishing blow.

Behind the shadows of the White House, a gargantuan monstrosity emerged. Maedison explained that "before he died, Haemilton gave our nation a blessing and a curse. For us, a blessing; for you, a curse." The monstrosity was the United States National Debt (inspired by America Rock, using the stats for a tarrasque, the most powerful monster in official 5e D&D)!

At this point, the players realized they had bitten off more than they could chew, and each of them fled the field to regroup in a local pub, to fight against freedom another day…



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